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Hi, I’m Donna. In 1976 my mother opened her first little girl shop. Filled it with ruffles and frilly dresses. All the stuff little girls are made of. When she closed shop in 1994 and passed away, she left me a legacy. A family tradition to continue in her footsteps making and creating unique clothing. I never had the knack for her beautiful sewing of dresses, although I do one on occasion for my granddaughters. I acquired all her vintage laces, fabrics and notions to play with and create. Also sell these items in my eBay store. I am more on the embroidery side of sewing. It is amazing what machines can do. I do create custom orders for those looking for something different. Don’t hesitate to ask me. I am disabled and in my shop most of the day. When I am not sewing, I am looking for ideas to create something new. I also find items and recycle them into something new. Seeing a child with my creation on, is all I need to keep me creating. I create from dresses,headbands,purses and home decor. Use a commercial sewing machine for those purses and pillows. Quality well made. Home Decor has been added to my list of creativity. I have either painted it or added embroidery to my work of art.

CEO / Founder