Little Girl Purses

child purses

This week I am working on making little girls purses. Both my granddaughters wanted me to make them a purse. So I got out my purse patterns to see what I could do. I found one and downsized it for a little girl. Then I decided to add their initials on the front flap. It looked great on the corner of the flap. One granddaughter wants a shopkin purse and the other one wants a Ballerina purse. Got the shopkin purse done. Now waiting on the ballerina fabric to arrive so I can start on that. In the meantime I have some cute unicorn fabric that I think I will create. This is the season that sales slow down and gives me a break from making dresses. Now I can create something different. Won’t be long until I have to start creating for the fall and winter. Never a dull moment around here. Keeps me busy. Now onward. You can find one in my listing here.

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